arXiv cs.LG is now the among the highest impact artificial intelligence “journals”

According to Google Scholar statistics, arXiv’s repository of “learning” papers (cs.LG) now constitute the 10th highest impact “journal” in the field — placing it above fairly well-known venues such as Machine Learning and Neural Computation. AI-related fields such as machine learning and computer vision are still largely driven by refereed conference proceedings, but assuming the underlying numbers are correct (and to be honest, the h5-median numbers seem rather suprisingly high) this is still a fairly noteworthy and probably positive development for academic publishing practices in computer science.

The dynamics are, of course, hard to predict — as submitting to arXiv becomes more popular, its possible that  the “signal to noise” ratio will deteriorate and these statistics will consequently suffer. But with non-standard refereeing mechanisms now widely in place (like blog posts 😉 ) and near-real-time citation tracking (thanks again, Google Scholar), fluctuations in median quality may not seriously threaten the utility of such repositories.